Crock-Pot Fall Recipes
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5 Delicious Fall Crock-Pot Recipes

Leaves are beginning to change colors and are slowly falling to cover the ground. Fall is officially upon us and for me, that means I will maximize the amount of time I can spend wrapped up in a blanket! I’ve compiled a list of my five favorite slow-cooker recipes that help me to get out of the kitchen and spend more time doing the things I love. 

Slow-Cooker Sweet Pork

Sweet Pork is easy to incorporate into any dish. Cooked slowly with pineapple juice, lime juice, brown sugar , this will easily become a go-to protein for tacos, enchiladas and sandwiches alike. Try incorporating this into a recipe like Alexa’s Cubano Wrap using Mi Rancho’s Mama’s Simply Authentic Burrito Flour tortillas that’s easy to assemble and eat. You don’t even have to leave the couch!

Shredded Slow-Cooker Mexican Beef

Beef-Mi-RanchoThis flavorful Slow-cooker Mexican Beef is so versatile that it can used for burritos, tacos, taquitos and anything in between. Spices such as cumin and Mexican oregano are rubbed around the beef chuck roast until covered completely. Be sure to get a roast with enough fat so that it remains tender, not chewy, in the slow-cooker.  Your slow cooker is filled with fresh jalapenos, onions and garlic. All these ingredients come together to make a flavorful beef that practically falls apart. Try it using Mi Rancho’s THINcredibles to make Shredded Beef THINcredible Taquitos topped with Spicy Guacamole for dinner or on fall game day as a great appetizer. 

Easy Shredded Chicken Baked Chimichangas

The crock-pot chicken couldn’t be simpler to make, because you simply add spices and your favorite salsa to simple chicken breast and cook on low until tender and flavorful.  It is great in an dish, but I especially love it in this fall favorite. Looking for a tasty indulgence? These chimichangas are filled with tender chicken and authentic frijoles fritos (refried beans) all on Mi Rancho’s Organic Flour Tortillas then fried to a golden-brown color. Your result will be a crunchy and flaky chimichanga. You can top it off with your favorite toppings like sour cream, guacamole and fresh pico de gallo. Instead of deep frying, an air fryer is a great option to lower the calories and still have that crispy outer shell you’re craving.

Shredded Chicken Baked Taquitos

These taquitos by Culinary Ginger are delicious and provide a good dose of ancient grains. The filling is made by slow cooking chicken breasts marinated with salsa, smoked paprika and chili powder. Just toss your ingredients into your crockpot and sit back for two hours while the chicken cooks. Then, all you need to do is fill Mi Rancho’s Ancient Grain tortillas, roll tightly and spread them on a baking sheet in the oven to bake. The result is a crunchy, oil-free, mess-free taquito. 

Slow Cooker BBQ Chicken Tacos with Broccoli Slaw

Slow Cooker BBQ Chicken TacosDinner doesn’t get much easier than covering chicken breasts with jarred BBQ sauce and letting the slow-cooker do the work.  Then I lightly toast Mi Rancho’s Simply Authentic Fajita Flour tortillas over an open flame and fill them to the brim  with sweet and tangy shredded chicken , fresh broccoli and red cabbage slaw. I top these tacos with sour cream and a bit of cheese.  BBQ sauce may drip down your chin with each bite, but it’s worth every stain. 

It’s not surprise that my crock-pot practically lives on my countertop during the fall.  I am a big fan of the “set it and forget it” method of cooking. These recipes allow me the extra time to snuggle up with my husband on the couch while my trusted crock-pot takes care of dinner.  Mi Rancho has more recipes coming your way this fall. Visit our website to keep up to date with delicious recipes using the worlds best tasting tortillas.